Dalai Lama Punts on Trump Question, Refuses to Weigh In

DALAI LAMA – The Dalai Lama is in the news again today. He declined to offer an opinion of GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump. And that was absolutely the right decision.

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First of all, what in the world isan ABC News reporter doing asking a world religious leader about US politics. He doesn’t know anything about it. The Dalai Lama even said “That’s your business,” when asked the question by Dan Harris. And even if he did know something about it, it wouldn’t be his place to offer an opinion. It’s a US election

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The bottom line here is that the media is not doing its job. They think that sports figures or religious figures are automatically able to offer opinions on politics.That not what people want from them. They want athletes to play a game. They want religious leaders to offer spiritual guidance. Ask somebody else about Donald Trump.

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