#CruzSexScandal Sweeping the Nation, Not Holier Than Thou

WASHINGTON – The biggest news of the day is from the National Enquirer. The just released a report saying that Ted Cruz allegedly had an affair with five different women. This is quite a revelation for someone as sanctimonious as Ted Cruz. And it should come as a warning to Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump is playing for keeps.

Now many will question the legitimacy of the source – the National Enquirer – and rightly so. They’re a tabloid after all. But remember this –  the National Enquirer broke the John Edwards scandal, Tiger Woods scandal, the Gary Hart scandal, and the Jesse Jackson scandal. When it comes to exposing the affairs of politicians, they’ve got a pretty good record.

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Now we know that Donald Trump has had affairs as well. The bottom line here is that this should not be an issue in the campaign. Ted Cruz and his surrogates should not be able to go after Trump and his wife on personal grounds. Both sides should stay away from personal matters and stick to policy. But this story, coming out about Cruz, still looks awfully bad for someone to stakes out the moral high ground on so many issues.

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