Cruz Eliminates Himself From Contention with ‘New York Values’ Comment

GOP DEBATE – Ted Cruz last night during the Republican debate engaged in a generalization about people from New York that many conservatives do. He cast them all as liberals and unpatriotic.

While people in New York City tend to be more liberal than people in rural America, it is certainly not true that they are any less patriotic. Especially since September 11, 2001, there has been a special light of patriotism in the heart of every New Yorker. People from New York City especially have a special passionate when it comes to defending America from threats abroad.

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Republicans should think through their statements more carefully before launching baseless attacks on an entire group of people. New Yorkers are proud, patriotic, and consummately American.

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Ted Cruz should eat his words and think more carefully about what an American really looks like.

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Ted Cruz went to Washington to burn it to the ground and this is the person people want as POTUS?

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