Citadel Considering Unprecedented Uniform Change for Muslim Student

SOUTH CAROLINA – The Citadel – the military school in South Carolina –  is for the first time in their nearly 175 year history they are considering a request from a student that she be allowed to wear a hijab. This would be an unprecedented exception to the school’s uniform requirements. And goagainst generations of tradition.

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Some might say that this is an issue of religious freedom. After all, aren’t many Southern states passing religious liberty bills now. And why wouldn’t it apply to Muslims as well?

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There’s a very good reason. A lack of uniformity is damaging to military morale. And furthermore, a hijab is not religious. It is a cultural phenomenon that is not referred to in the Koran. And even France bans hijabs in public schools. If we can’t even maintain the standards that France maintains, we’re in deep trouble.

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