Crist: Tea Party Made Me Go Democrat

Former governor Charlie Crist owns a checkered past when it comes to political party allegiances. Once a Republican darling, he’s since become an independent and now runs under the Democrat banner.

As Crist aims for David Jolly’s Congressional seat in Pinellas County’s 13th District, he will once again have to answer critics who use his juggling of parties as a means to fight for any available political seat.

Dan Maduri, host of AM 820’s Florida Live, spoke with Crist on Tuesday.

When asked about his Republican past, Crist said: “Well, my former party left me. I mean, let’s be clear — although I have a lot of friends who are Republicans — but, when the Tea Party sort of took over the Republican party and went in a direction that, you know, look at this presidential election this year. I mean, my goodness, it’s unbelievable what we’re witnessing and so I’m proud to be a Democrat and a Florida Democrat.”

What we’re witnessing is backlash from outraged American public. Crist properly diagnoses American’s anger, but he misunderstands why.

“I think what we need to do though is realize that there are people in all parties who are willing to work with others and try to help and Washington we don’t see much of it, if any at all,” Crist said. “It’s so dysfunctional and so frustrating for the American people I think they are yearning and thirsting for people who are willing to work with others for the greater good of all of us.”

Working with others in Washington’s parlance means the GOP must always bend to the will of the uncompromising Democrats. This is why the far-left portion of the Democrat base remains wildly enthusiastic about their politicians.

Actually, the American public is yearning and thirsting for politicians who will actually back-up their campaign promises. The Democrats don’t seem to have a problem with this, the Republicans, on other hand, lost all credibility with voters when they promised to stop the Obama agenda during the 2014 election. It took all of several weeks for the GOP to demonstrate how they’d do quite the opposite.

Is that the Tea Party’s doing? No, Charlie, that’s the GOP Establishment basically acting as Democrat Light.

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