Chamber Set to Fight 2016 Conservatives reports the U.S. Chamber of Commerce will shatter its previous political spending records in the 2016 election.

The goal: Target Conservative candidates in elections and primaries while supporting GOP Establishment choices.


The GOP voter insurrection clearly rattled the Washington insider’s club. The ouster of Speaker John Boehner and pressure on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell means the Chamber will actively devote incredible sums of money to maintain it’s Crony Capitalist position inside the Beltway.

Donald Trump explained during the Fox News Debates why he donated money to political candidates: “If you have problem, you call them and they are there for you.” Too bad ordinary citizens aren’t treated with such urgency. Money clearly purchases power and influence in D.C.

“We made it quite clear last cycle: The gang that wants to shut down the government, that’s a clear contrast to what the business community agrees is best for economic growth.” Scott Reed, the chamber’s senior political strategist, told

Oh, the ‘gang that wants to shut down the government’.

Considering 83% of the government remains functioning during a “government shutdown” how exactly does that impact business?

At the end of the day, pinning a ‘government shutdown’ on one party or the other as a strategy to fight for balanced budgets is better for the nation overall.

Perhaps the Chamber should alter it’s logo. Instead of saying “The Spirit of Enterprise” they can switch to “The Power of Corruption.”

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