Can Marco Rubio really take Florida?


He still has a long road to hoe.

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In a word, No. However, he is getting considerable financial support from his super PAC, Conservative Solutions PAC, who is throwing millions of dollars toward his campaign. In the last two weeks alone, Floridians have been inundated  with Rubio related advertising from robo-calls, mass mailings, and television advertising, all attacking the character of Donald Trump.

In contrast, Trump is spending much less, but is aided by a volunteer organization of over 80,000 Florida volunteers who are very determined to see their candidate succeed next Tuesday (March 15th).

The one concern Trump supporters have is a fraudulent counting of the votes. However, unlike other primary states where the Republican party counts the votes, primary voting in Florida uses the state to administer the primary, not the party. Theoretically, it should be an accurate count.

So far, there has been a substantial turnout for early voting in Florida for the GOP primary.  According to a recent Miami Herald report (2/29/2016), tens of thousands of voters began showing up for early voting beginning on Monday, February 29th. In addition, nearly 600,000 absentee ballots have already been cast and received by the state.

It is entirely possible, Florida will set new records for both absentee and early voting. According to the Miami Herald article, “44 percent of the absentee Republican votes so far are from people who did not vote in 2012.” Such a comment hints at Trump supporters who are fed-up with politicians and have been energized by his campaign.

Next Up: The Twelfth Republican debate to be held at the University of Miami on Thursday, March 10th, and hosted by CNN.

If Marco Rubio is going to win Florida, he will need three things; first, his debate performance on Thursday has to be flawless; second, Donald Trump has to throw the debate, and; third, he will need a heck of a lot more money from Conservative Solutions PAC to sustain him. Trump simply has to ask his supporters to…

Keep the Faith!