Benghazi Testimony: How Did Hillary Do?

Hillary Clinton’s testimony Thursday before the House committee investigating Benghazi…considered a critical moment in her race for president.

The former Secretary of State spent hours answering questions on the role she played in the response to the Benghazi terror attack. In one exchange, Republican Mike Pompeo suggested someone needed to be fired. Clinton said that was evaluated but they could not find a breach of duty.

She said she took responsibility and before she left office she launched reforms to better protect our people in the field. Among the 4 American lives lost, a friend, Ambassador Christopher Stevens. The allegation that she didn’t do all she could to save his life, she said has caused her to lose sleep calling the claim: a very personally painful accusation.

Where was President Obama during the attack? We still don’t know? No one has said. He got on a plane for a fund-raiser in Las Vegas the next day.

Also, President Obama invited White House reporters into the Oval Office Thursday to watch him veto a major defense policy bill recently passed by congressional Republicans, but one the President says falls “woefully short” and “resorts to gimmicks.”