Arpaio: Concealed Weapons Permit Holders Need to Stop Terrorism

ARIZONA – Sheriff Joe Arpaio made the stunning proclamation that people with concealed weapons permits need to step up and eliminate terrorists or mass shooters when an incident occurs.

Terrorism is not something a good guy with a gun can stop. That is something law enforcement and the military prevent.

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Why do we spend tens of billions of dollars a year on intelligence gathering communities, law enforcement, local law enforcement, etc etc if we are just going to ask the local conceal weapons permit holder to take the law into their own hands?

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This is reactionary thinking. This isn’t someone who is breaking into your car, or stealing your wives purse. This is a person that doesn’t care if they live or die. You want to live and they want to die and they will win because of that. You need an army or a SWAT team.

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Everyone wants to be Chuck Norris. For more click here.

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