Apple Doubles Down, Will Make iPhone Encryption Unhackable

APPLE – In the midst of Apple’s battle with the FBI over whether to open the San Bernardino shooters phone, it has been revealed that engineers from the company are now working on new security measures that would prevent an iPhone from being hacked. And their measures specifically involve the methods they’re being asked to use by the FBI to get into the shooter’s phone.

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That’s fine for their customers. Not so good for citizens. Apple refuses to help the government fight terrorism in one of the few cases where they have done all the right things. They’ve gotten a warrant, they’re made their request in the open, and they’ve been refused by a company that would rather protect its trade secrets than national security.

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We’ve come to a place we’re it’s evident that corporations are more powerful than the federal government. If the Feds have to go begging for tech assistance from Apples, it’s game over. Just hand over they keys to power now to Tim Cook.

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