After the Debate: Predictions, What’s Next

Round 2 of the grueling GOP Debate Tour moves into analysis phase for the next two weeks. What’s next?
We predict!!!!

The Next Debate:

October 28, at the University of Colorado in Boulder. This will be hosted by CNBC, which is really a way to ensure voters who avoid watching overtly lefist MSNBC will actually tune-in. It will be interesting to see if this debate is more of an interrogation by Democrat party puppeteers. You can bet some of the major topics: Global Warming (aka Climate Change), Gay Marriage, Abortion, Illegal Immigration, War, Race, Income (or lack thereof for one-third of the unemployed population). etc. etc. etc. The goal will be to get candidates to make statements about social issues for use in campaign advertising at a later date.

The last two debates of 2015 take place in November (date TBD) and December 15. The November debate is hosted by Fox Business and Wall Street Journal giving Fox a second shot at ratings success. The December debate will be hosted again by CNN and the Salem Media Group which features radio talk show hosts such as Hugh Hewitt, Dennis Prager and Bill Bennett.

At the end of the day, how many times can we discuss the same issues and not get the same planned answers?
As a result, debate ratings will dwindle due to the Holidays, people making up their minds and overall political fatigue.

Poll Positions:

Trump will likely remain leader of the pack plus or minus a few points. Of course, any erosion in Trump’s current lead will spark outbursts of joy from the GOP Establishment and many Democrats.

The middle of the field is likely to shuffle. Carson and Fiorina will likely duke it out for the No. 2 position. Rubio will hop over Bush and become the Establishment candidate. Cruz will remain in the hunt. Every other candidate will wallow along. Of this main group, Scott Walker and Rand Paul might be done.

Of the four candidates in the early debate — all four will be out of the race by Halloween.

Post-debate twitter

Ready, Set, Spend!

GOP Establishment candidates are not winning over voters with their campaign discussions. Basically the GOPE lost all credibility with voters last year when they all said they’d stop the Obama Agenda, defund Obamacare and end illegal immigration. The public awarded the GOP control of both houses of Congress and within weeks, the GOP broke ALL its campaign promises. As a result, the American public does not believe a word of what’s being said by professional politicians.

The GOPE’s only hope is to take its massive war chest — built from the donor-class and Super PACs — and carpet bomb Trump, Carson, Cruz and Fiorina with negative advertising. The GOPE cannot do anything else because any campaign promises they make in those ads will simply be ignored.

This blitz will take place ahead of the third debate so the GOPE candidates can re-enforce those messages. By November, the combination of the third debate re-enforcement should evolve into a mop-up operation to eliminate any candidates wounded during the bombing.

What’s the Democrat Plans?

First debate: Oct. 13 in Las Vegas. Fitting, since they are gambling on Hillary Clinton.

The Democrat plan of hoping the GOP exhausts itself is actually backfiring. Republican candidates are getting more air time, bashing Obama policies and winning over the public tired of “change”. You can easily bet the first Democrat debate — and all thereafter — won’t match the GOP in ratings. People know who Hillary is and really don’t care about the other candidates — despite Bernie Sanders drawing a few large crowds of socialist kooks.

Hillary is more toxic than the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan. The Dems are clearly hoping she’ll avoid prison amid her various scandals.

However, the seeds for civil war have been sown. The current list of Democrat candidates are not happy that they haven’t had any debates, they see the party clearly favoring Hillary or waiting for an alternative.

The Dems will wait as long as they can and inject their next choice candidate. It could be VP Joe Biden or California governor Jerry Brown or former Clinton VP Al Gore.

Line of the Night:

Donald Trump on Jeb Bush speaking Spanish:
Well, I think it’s wonderful and all. But I did it a little bit half-heartedly, but I do mean it to a large extent. We have a country where to assimilate, you have to speak English. And I think that where he was and the way it came out didn’t sound right to me.

Worst Line of the Night:

After the debate, renowned Marxist and Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders called for a revolution.
And how would his revolution differ from the putsch orchestrated between 2008 and today?