A Preview Of Tuesday’s Trump Rally with Dan Maduri and Chris Ingram

A preview of the rally from the Fairgrounds

Tuesday evening, President Donald Trump will host a rally in Tampa in support of Repbulican gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis in his campaign for the Republican nomination for the office as well as a possible run in the general election.  DeSantis, a US Representative who has been a champion for President Trump throughout this administration, claims to stand against the modern political establishment across both parties and the country as a whole.

News Talk Florida will be there for the rally, including representatives from Your Conversation Station, AM 820 News.  Dan Maduri of Florida Live was at the Fairgrounds in the buildup to the event, and he welcomed Chris Ingram onto the show to preview the event.  It is sure to be a big night for the GOP in the state of Florida, and a big night for President Trump as the nation approaches a critical midterm election sure to decide how states as well as Congress will be shaped for at least the next two years.  In a battleground state such as Florida, a gubernatorial race is going to be critical, and Republicans are set on holding the governor’s mansion.

The race between DeSantis and Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam has heated up as the August 26 primaries get ever closer.  DeSantis, a fierce Trump supporter who has rallied in Congress against Robert Mueller’s investigation into potential Russian interference in the 2016 elections, stands as an outsider option to Putnam, a Rick Scott ally whose family has extremely deep roots in Florida.  He is, after all, of the Putnams after whom Putnam County was named.  Both candidates have drawn support, but DeSantis’ endorsement from President Trump has made an underdog candidate look nothing short of formidable heading into the primary.

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