Marco Rubio Not Standing With Trump Over “Rigged Election” Claims

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump claims the 2016 election is rigged in Hillary Clinton’s favor. Does he have a legitimate argument? Chris Fisher and Kurt Shriner discuss.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio made it very clear this week that he is flatly rejecting Donald Trump’s claims the election is being “rigged” against the Republican presidential nominee. He made it clear that the Sunshine State, will conduct an honest and fair election.

“This election is not being rigged,” Rubio said Monday during a debate with his Democratic senatorial challenger Rep. Patrick Murphy. “There is no evidence behind any of this, so this should not continue to be said.”

“We have 67 counties in this state, each of which conduct their own elections. I promise you there is not a 67-county conspiracy to rig this election,” Rubio added.

The junior senator from Florida added his voice to a growing chorus of Republican lawmakers and officials who have rejected the “rigged” claims, even as the nominee himself has continued to make the charge of large-scale vote fraud, without any evidence to back up his claims.


Rubio, a former 2016 presidential candidate, reluctantly supports the Donald, the man who bested him for the GOP nomination and crushed him in his own state primary. Rubio has been a critic of Trump throughout the general election, maintaining his support for his party’s nominee by emphasizing his opposition to Democrat Hillary Clinton, while also rebuking Trump during some of his more controversial episodes, such as the release of the “Access Hollywood” tape from 2005.

Rubio has yet to appear at any Trump rally in the state and there are no join appearances for the two set before the election.