Public to Get Second Bite at Florida Redistricting

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — A state Senate leader is promising the public will get at “second bite” at Florida’s redistricting apple after proposed maps are drawn.

Reapportionment Committee Chairman Don Gaetz on Thursday said lawmakers won’t, though, hold more public meetings around the state, at least not in person.

Some citizens criticized the Legislature for the meetings held at 26 sites around the state this summer because they had no proposed maps to comment on.

Gaetz, a Niceville Republican, said lawmakers won’t have time to do that again after proposed legislative and congressional maps are unveiled in late November.

Instead, they are considering teleconferences.

Under one scenario, lawmakers would gather at a public television studio in Tallahassee. Citizens then could go to similar facilities in their communities to express their views to the legislators.

Source: Associated Press