Russia Doing Its Homework On Trump, Worried Over Chaos

Russia Doing Its Own Dossier On Trump

While the American people speculate as to what ties Russia may have with President Donald Trump, it seems that Russia is starting to compile it’s homework on the president.

Russian president Vladamir Putin is currently getting a psychological dossier on America’s president. According to NBC News, who spoke with a senior Kremlin advisor, the dossier has already made some conclusions regarding Trump. Some of those conclusions aren’t necessarily what the leader of the free world should ascribe to as the dossier has called Trump a “risk taker” and “naïve.”

Trump “doesn’t understand fully who is Mr. Putin — he is a tough guy,” former Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Fedorov told NBC News.

Trump has given lots of praise to Putin throughout his campaign and has publicly wanted to make the relations between Russia and the United States a bit more cozy—especially after the U.S. laid sanctions on after authorities found Russian interference during the general election.

“Very serious preparatory work is going on in the Kremlin, including a paper — seven pages — describing a psychological portrait of Trump, especially based on this last two to three months, and the last weeks,” added Fedorov, who said he has known Trump since 2000.

While Putin may be doing his homework on the president, it doesn’t mean that the Kremlin is happy with the chaos that the Trump administration is currently bringing to America. In fact, according to sources who spoke to NBC News, all of the chaos isn’t really helping Russia. In fact, it’s making the Kremlin very, very nervous.


“Absolutely not — not laughing,” Mikhail Kasyanov, a former minister under Putin said to NBC News. “The situation is very serious and the whole of [Putin’s] team, they are nervous.”

It also doesn’t help that there are many in Congress who are calling for former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn to be investigated for his ties to Russia. Flynn, who recently resigned from his post, may not face charges brought by federal authorities for discussing the sanctions with a Russian Ambassador. However, when Flynn resigned it sent shockwaves into Russia as it also opened up the Trump administration to an investigation not only by Congress but also by the media, who broke the story on Flynn in the first place.

“I think the fundamental question for us is what is our involvement in it, and who ought to look at it,” Kentucky Republican senator Mitch McConnell said. “And the intelligence committee is already looking at Russian involvement in our election. As Sen. (Roy) Blunt has already indicated, it is highly likely they will want to take look at this episode as well. They have the broad jurisdiction to do it.”

With all of this chaos going on, one wonders whether or not, Trump will be able to deliver better relations with Russia like he has promised.

Thomas Fernandez is the managing editor for Sports Talk Florida and News Talk Florida. He started his career in media by covering the NHL and the Tampa Bay Lightning. After covering the NHL for two years, he hopped on board the news cycle and has been covering both sports and news for the last year. He has covered major sporting events as well as politics which affects the Florida audience. Thomas is a Tampa native and graduate of the University of South Florida with a bachelor of arts in Public Relations.