NRA To Use Benghazi Ads Against Clinton

NRA Ad Blitz To Help Trump In Swing States Including Florida

WASHINGTON – USA Today report’s in this morning’s edition that the National Rifle Association is poised to unveil a $2 million Benghazi-themed ad campaign in support of Donald Trump. Mark Geist will be the focus of the television ad that features his story as a survivor of Benghazi.

“A lot of people say they’re not going to vote this November because their candidate didn’t win; Well, I know some people who won’t be voting this year either,” says Geist, a Marine Corps veteran and security contractor. “Hillary as President? No thanks. I served in Benghazi. My friends didn’t make it. They did their part. Do yours.”

The ad, financed by the NRA’s Political Victory Fund, its first campaign of the year, will run in battleground states, starting with Florida and it will also get extensive play in Colorado, Ohio, Nevada, Virginia along with Pennsylvania.

Many Trump fans will no doubt know Geist, who is the co-author of the book “13 Hours: The Inside Account of What Really Happened In Benghazi” which later was released as a movie.

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Geist endorsed Trump because he thinks fear would be our best defense.

“Under President Trump, many conflicts will be avoided because our enemies will fear the United States and our military,” USA Today reported.

Meanwhile, Trump got some good news from an unlikely foe. Sen. Bernie Sanders ( I-Vermont)  is arguing that “the global economy is not working for the majority of people in our country and the world.”

Sanders, who hasn’t yet abandoned his presidential campaign, writes in a New York Times op-ed piece Wednesday that Republican Donald Trump “could benefit from the same forces” that led Britain to vote to leave the European Union. He says that any political advantage flowing to Trump from this market-moving vote “should sound an alarm for the Democratic Party.”

Sanders hasn’t conceded the Democratic nomination to Hillary Clinton, although he has said he would vote for her.




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