No Script Could Do Trump Presidency Justice

Trump election, presidency too much for fiction

Sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction.

Erik Kuselias takes the bullet points from the last ten years of American politics and tries to imagine it as a movie script.  Would audiences have believed, before it happened, that the 2008, 2012, and 2016 presidential elections were real?  It seems like it would come across as too unrealistic for even fiction.

The script sounds like something straight out of Hollywood, and that’s how Erik presents it, trying to put us all in the shoes of an executive hearing a movie pitch for the latest political thriller.  Thinking back to the mid-2000s, it would all seem so extreme, so unrealistic on all ends.  The meteoric rise of President Obama, the twists and turns of Hillary Clinton’s political career, and the unique-to-American-history presidential campaign of Donald Trump all defy what so many people had come to accept as our political reality.

Would a movie studio be able to predict the rise of a reality TV star that had been twice divorced?  It’s hard to imagine that, and that is just the tip of the iceberg.  The 2016 Republican field in general is hard to imagine even after it happened, much less years in advance.  Bernie Sanders’ campaign was unprecedented in American history as well.  Before it happened, would audiences have believed a self-described socialist would make a serious run at the presidency?  Would the same audiences have believed the behavior of the Democratic National Committee during Sanders’ run?

Erik lays it all out in his parody of a movie script and pitch.  Putting it all together, it does seem that even the most creative writers could not pen a script quite like it.

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