Make The Pledge

By Jim Watkins

I don’t believe rounding up every Muslim in America and putting them in a concentration camp is necessary, but I do believe every Muslim who has emigrated from another country in the last twenty years, if asked, should be willing sign a pledge of allegiance to the United States – for the record.

Here’s why.

We are at war. Our country has been attacked over a dozen times since 1993, the main culprits appear to come from the worldwide Islamic community, indeed radical Islamic groups have stated they will continue to attack us when and where they are able, and they have vowed to to continue their campaign to inspire such like-minded individuals to take up arms and do the same. We also know there is an ISIS Terror list comprised of the names of 7,000 Americans.

Again, under the banner of war, our country has every right to expect a pledge of allegiance from those who are foreign citizens from nations that sponsor pr spawn terror groups.

The citizens of this country have every right to expect full allegiance to our nation from those who are not native to it, if for no other reason than we are allowing them to enjoy the benefits of being in America, including the protections of individual liberty that are sacred to each and everyone of us who has pledged allegiance to this great nation. You don’t sleep in someone’s house, eat their food and enjoy their comforts without paying respect to the homeowner do you?

We are not asking Muslims worshiping in the way that they choose, we are not requiring Muslims to place America above God, or to worship a golden calf or do anything that compromises your beliefs, but we are asking members of a religion whose own brothers and sisters have distorted its teachings, to help us figure out who the enemy is. Any rational Muslim would understand we are all at risk, and you well know ISIS and Al-Qaeda will not hesitate to kill fellow Muslims if it means they can take out a few infidels along the way.

During World War II our government applied extra surveillance to Germans or those Americans who had come from Germany. Same thing after Pearl Harbor. It wasn’t the best moment in history to have internment camps for Japanese, but most Germans and Japanese understood then, as we do now, that in times of battle you must know who your friends are and who your enemies are. This is not the time to wave the flag of political correctness, this is the time for ALL Americans to join together in unity and pledge to protect each of our neighbors from those who would do us harm.

Terrorism is a Muslim problem just as it is an American problem. And if I was in another country and they asked me to make a similar pledge, I would not hesitate for a second.

Americans are an extremely tolerant people. But if our tolerance is being used against us, then it is the duty of every Muslim in America, native or foreign, to join us in this fight until every last radical has been deterred.

Every foreign national in this country who works or receives benefits is required to either have a social security number or a green card with a numerical assignment. A website for registration can be created whereupon all foreign nationals would be required to submit to an agreement that states they are pledging their allegiance to the protection of the United States. If they do not register, then as long as we are at war, unregistered foreign national who does not sign or agree to pledge to protect the U.S. from acts of terror would be prohibited from the following until the war has ended:

1. Gun ownership
2. Voting
3. Receiving public assistance or free education (not including primary and secondary school)
4. Green card revoked within 90 days, must leave the U.S.
5. Owning property

If you want to enjoy the perks of a generous America, pledge to protect her. In war time, it is absolutely necessary.

If you agree then #MakeThePledge.

What is your argument for or against my proposition?

Jim Watkins is the host of Your Wake Up Call on Tampa Bay’s AM 820 News and on