In Case You Missed It: Bill O’Reilly On Florida Live With Dan Maduri

Provocative former Fox News host discussed Trump, media

Bill O’Reilly, for years, as one of cable news’ thought leaders as a nightly host on Fox News.  The conservative commentator was unafraid to ruffle feathers and say exactly what he felt on a given issue, earning him a reputation as someone worthy of attention whether or not a viewer agreed with him.

Now, with O’Reilly a bit more removed from the daily goings on of media, the provocateur joined Florida Live with Dan Maduri on Tuesday afternoon to discuss President Trump’s talk of an executive order changing birthright citizenship, as well as the migrant caravan heading for the United States’ southern border, and the current climate of politics nationally as the midterm elections approach.

As an author, longtime anchor, and history buff alike, O’Reilly is able to look at the present day through a number of lenses to try and make sense of stories that often, on the surface, do not.  He shared some of this experience on Florida Live in an effort to put so many politically-charged stories into the proper context.

Maduri and O’Reilly also discuss the role of media, both mainstream and otherwise, in today’s political discourse.  Much has been made of President Trump’s frequent attacks on press he perceives as biased against him, and with a guest so well-versed in the national discourse, Dan Maduri is given the opportunity to talk with one of the people who brought cable news to its current state.

Florida Live with Dan Maduri airs weekday afternoons from 3-6 PM on AM 820 News Tampa Bay and 98.3 FM Pinellas County.  The show aims itself toward independent thinkers, taking a critical eye at times to Republicans, Democrats, and the narratives that pop up around politics in all forms:  Local, state, and national alike.  Florida Live also streams live right here on News Talk Florida.