Gov. Shutdown Means Late Paychecks

DC_Capitol_2013A government shutdown next week would jeopardize the paychecks of more than 800,000 federal workers who could be told to stay home. More than 2 million other employees who are deemed essential by the government — including the active military — would be entitled to their salaries but might not get paid on time.

While there is no law requiring that nonessential employees be compensated if they are ordered off the job, Congress has in the past voted to reimburse their losses once shutdowns ended.

Even if Congress fails to resolve its budget standoff by the deadline Monday and much of the government runs out of money, civilian and military personnel who are considered vital to national security, public safety, health and welfare would be called to work — about 1.3 million civilian employees and 1.4 million in the military.

By law, they all must be paid. But the law does not say when.

Source: Washington Post