Goodman: If Its Within 5 Points, Trump Will Be The Next POTUS

TAMPA BAY – Adam Goodman, The Victory Group’s principal director, writer and strategist, and now a frequent commentator on Fox News and CNN, has produced nationally-recognized, award-winning work for candidate, corporate and crisis campaigns for more than 30 years.

“What do you do if you are advising Donald Trump? You don’t want to lose all of Donald Trump and get him to play in traditional campaign lane.” Goodman says, “We will see a balancing act.”

On Britain leaving the EU Goodman says, “The Brexit has given the American people a permission slip.”

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“George Will is a unconquerable guy. He is a Washington guy.” Goodman continues, “And he doesn’t like that his prediction of world isn’t coming true.”

“It depends on how much the American people identify with the media. The American people have shown that they are taking their cues from themselves.”

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“There is a victims complex with everything that Hillary Clinton does.”

“Its intellectual arrogance. She looks down at a lot of us. It feels like she is shaking us. Telling us to wake up” Goodman says, “She is angry about it.”

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“She limped into the nomination against a character named Bernie Sanders who no one thought she had a shot.” Goodman says, “There is something about Secretary Clinton, very intellectually driven, very policy driven, to me, she is the perfect cue card candidate. She doesn’t feel genuine. She doesn’t feel real.”

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“He has some explaining to do. He can’t just walk into this race and experience a coronation.” Goodman says, “Marco better be sharp in the primary because even in the primary he may lose some points that he will need to win the general.”

“Its going to the a race between the head and the heart. This year, I think the heart wins out.” Goodman proclaims.

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