‘Florida Live’ From New York? Dan Maduri To Appear On MSNBC Friday

Panhandle, Florida politics have been major national news

Florida Live host Dan Maduri will appear live in studio with MSNBC’s Craig Melvin during the 11:00 hour of the channel’s programming on Friday morning.

The Sunshine State is of course prominent in the news this week, with Hurricane Michael ripping through the Panhandle and causing a catastrophic amount of damage. On top of that, Florida is home to two of the most interesting races in the 2018 election, with the Gubernatorial election close between Andrew Gillum and Ron DeSantis, and an extremely close race for Senate between incumbent Bill Nelson and outgoing governor Rick Scott.

Maduri will, as a guest on MSNBC Live, be able to bring a level-headed local take on Florida to a national audience following the races, often from afar. The AM 820 News host has also been closely following Florida’s preparations for Hurricane Michael, and can shed some light on how the state prepares for natural disasters.

Melvin, the news anchor on NBC’s Today Show, has been a reporter and anchor since 2001 and a part of MSNBC and NBC News since 2011. The South Carolina native has anchored coverage of both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions and is one of NBC News’ most trusted political journalists.

An independent thinker, Dan Maduri has seen the race unfold both around the candidates at the Sunshine Summit and President Trump’s rally in support of Ron DeSantis, and around the voters as the host of a daily talk show. Florida Live with Dan Maduri can be heard weekday afternoons from 3-6 on AM 820 News Tampa Bay and 98.3 FM Pinellas County.


Dan will be out of Florida for the rest of the week, but on Monday he discussed the actions Florida was taking to prepare for Hurricane Michael on Florida Live.