McCain To House Republicans: Don’t Shut Down Government

McCain_GOP_2013As some Republicans and Democrats begin to dig in before the next fiscal showdown, Sen. John McCain said Washington is “in for some very serious problems” and called on his colleagues in the GOP to tone down the warnings of a government shutdown.

“Republicans ought to understand if we shut down the government, Congress always gets blamed–rightly or wrongly–Congress gets blamed,” the Arizona Republican said Monday on CNN’s “New Day.” “We’ve seen the movie before. It’s just some of them weren’t around at the time; I was.”

On the Senate side, some Republicans have threatened to vote against a short-term spending bill that continues to fund the government past October 1 if that bill includes money for Obamacare. If Congress fails to pass the bill, known as a continuing resolution, Washington faces a government shutdown.

But the real stalemate will likely happen in the GOP-controlled House. The president said he’s “happy” to talk to House Speaker John Boehner about dealing with the so-called sequester, a large sum of forced spending cuts that took effect earlier this year.

Source: CNN