Lawmakers Grill ObamaCare Website Contractors


Lawmakers from both sides of the aisle took aim Thursday at the contractors behind the botched ObamaCare website, as well as the government officials who oversaw them, questioning how the “crash and burn” was allowed to happen.

As a hearing before the House Energy and Commerce Committee got underway, lawmakers were indignant as they complained that officials looked them in the eye before Oct. 1 and told them the launch of was on track.

“Either these officials were shockingly unaware of what was happening … or deliberately misleading our committee and the public,” Rep. Tim Murphy, R-Pa., said.

While Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius was skipping the hearing in order to visit an ObamaCare call center in Phoenix, representatives from four contracting companies were testifying. They are acknowledging problems with the site, but also pointing a finger back at the Obama administration.

Source: Fox News