Joe Biden 2016 Ambitions Remain A Mystery

Joe_Biden_2016_2013INDIANOLA, Iowa, Sept 15 (Reuters) – With most Democrats keeping an eye on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for hints about her 2016 plans, Vice President Joe Biden’s appearance at Iowa’s 36th annual “Tom Harkin Steak Fry,” may one day be viewed as a telling sign of his presidential intentions.

The Democratic fund-raiser named for the veteran senator from Iowa is closely watched in this Midwestern state, which helps winnow out the crop of presidential contenders every four years leading up to the Iowa caucuses, the first voting event of each presidential cycle.

Addressing the crowd at the Warren County Fairgrounds, Biden mentioned 2016 in a sideways fashion, making light of the national media presence that showed up for the event.

“It’s amazing when you come to speak at the Steak Fry a whole bunch of people seem to take notice. I don’t know why the hell that is,” Biden said.

The 70-year-old Biden has left open the possibility of a run for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination in order to get a chance to succeed President Barack Obama.

Many in Washington believe he will not run if Clinton runs, and she is making a regular series of public appearances that could easily be interpreted as setting the stage for a campaign.

Source: Huffington Post