Is McCain Key To Military Intervention In Syria?

mccainobama_2013Last week President Obama underlined his intent to intervene in the Syrian conflict proposing an air-strike on Bashar al-Assad’s regime. Thursday was supposed to be the day a decision was to be made.

For three days we anticipated and debated on a potential attack.  Will he/won’t he, should we, would we?; These were the questions that weighed on the U.S.

Three days we waited, then Thursday came and absolutely nothing happened.

Perhaps this is the nature of the political sphere, when faced with a pressing moment the government will give the people a date a decision will be made, and then three days later the one decision made is that more time is needed to decide what to do.  This is very anti-climatic indeed.

We should not have been surprised that further deliberation was needed to make a decision of this magnitude, but it is safe to say most of us were a little surprised that it didn’t rain Predator Missiles over Damascus Thursday evening.

Obama has decided he will seek the approval of Congress to use military action against Syria.

This was a good move for Obama.  If he had led an air-strike in Syria without congressional approval the backlash would be immense. The GOP would have used it as ammo against the Democratic party and Obama, accusing the President of blindly leading them into a war they didn’t belong.  Also, keep in mind that according to a recent NBC poll 80% of US citizens believe that Obama should seek congressional approval; 7/10 democrats, 9/10 republicans.

How hard could it be to get congressional approval for Syrian intervention?

Well regarding the Senate, Obama will spend about three minutes discussing the importance of American integrity on the international landscape and then there will be a standing ovation, he will then proceed to fist bump Joe Biden whilst exiting.


The real challenge is getting the OK from the GOP-controlled House, a daunting task for any Democrat, let alone a certain Barack Obama trying to involve the US in a war against a Syrian regime whose allies include Russia and China.

It is Mission Impossible V starring Barack Obama.  Or is it?

Republican Rand Paul, whom is strongly opposed to involving the US in the Syrian conflict, has stated that there is a 50/50 chance that the House will approve military intervention.

I cannot help but like these odds for Obama.  If a strong right-winger like Paul thinks that Obama has half a chance, that means that there must be a strong chance that he will actually get the OK, because if there really was only half a chance, Paul would say that there is a quarter of a chance that congress will give the President the nod to go.  Paul would do this not because he has no idea what is going on in congress but because he knows that there are many fellow republicans that are actually standing behind the president, so by saying that Obama has 50/50 chance it gives the allusion that it can go either way, so if it does go Obama’s way Paul can go back to his 50/50 statement and stay face with fellow republicans.

The biggest name who has come out in support of Obama is John McCain.

This a huge boost for the President and a demonstration that the focus here should not be about the political lines drawn in our country but the line that was crossed in Syria with the use of chemical weapons.

Obama defeated McCain in the 2008 Presidential Election but the Republican still plays a major role within the GOP and has voiced his support of military intervention in Syria.

The support of influential republicans such as McCain will be pivotal in getting the OK from congress.

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