GOP Pol. Enemy #2

anticlin_2013It is no secret that President Barack Obama is unlikely to receive Christmas cards from any of his republican counter-parts.

I bet John Boehner won’t be vacationing to Hawaii anytime soon.  Paul Ryan will probably refuse to send his children to Harvard University.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Bill O’Reilly wakes up in sweats in the middle of the night screaming “Obama no!”

Politicians can tend to love their party as much as they cannot stand the opposing party.

Barack Obama is definitely number one on the GOP political enemy list.

There isn’t anything particularly wrong with that, it is the nature of the political sphere.  I am certain that if the tides were in favor of the right wing in the last election Mitt Romney would cause the hairs on Joe Biden’s arms stand on end.

Though Obama sits firmly at the top of the list, there is a number two which is slowly encroaching on the President’s heels – Hillary Clinton.

Clinton is definitely a political heavyweight.  She has the credentials serving as Obama’s Secretary of State.  She is also familiar with the Oval Office since her husband, Bill Clinton, has served as President.

Recently an anti-Hillary website launched which requests donations and promises that the public will never see her become President.  The site is run by a PAC which includes Mitt Romney’s former campaign manager.

So why is there such a strong sentiment against Clinton?

Politically speaking the GOP see a potential Clinton administration as a continuation of Obama’s presidency but with the popularity Bill Clinton had at the peak of his term.

Republicans still lack a standout heavyweight contender that could threaten Clinton’s popularity.  Clinton is likely to have a full backing from the Democratic Party.  With the division between Tea Party members and moderates, this would be an unlikely benefit for the right wing’s nomination for the presidential race.

Hillary Clinton embodies a Republican’s biggest fear, a candidate with Barack’s policies and Bill’s popularity.