Chris Christie Sends A Message To The Republican Party

Chris Christie Is About To Win A Landslide, And He Wants Every Republican To Understand Why


As Gov. Chris Christie (R) prepares to romp to a landslide re-election in New Jersey on Tuesday, he has a message for Republicans everywhere: There’s no need to limit yourself to 53% if you stop despairing and follow my lead.

On Sunday evening, here’s what Christie told Morris County voters, at a rally held by the New Jersey Outdoor Alliance:

We need to show the Republican party in America that we can win again. And guess where they’re going to be watching on Tuesday night to see if we win: right here in New Jersey.

Christie was too polite to say this, but Republicans will actually be watching two states on Tuesday: New Jersey, where Christie will win a landslide, and Virginia, where Republican nominee Ken Cuccinelli will lose badly.

Unlike Christie, Cuccinelli is a favorite of conservatives who love ideological purity and hate compromise. You could hardly come up with a better test case for Christie’s compromise-or-die message.

Source: Josh Barro | Yahoo! Business Insider