A White House Dynasty?

As the summer rolls by, news headlines are filled with the who’s who of potential presidential candidates.  On the Democratic side the breakdown for possible nominees is simple, all fingers point to one woman, Hillary Clinton.  The former Secretary of State is removing herself from Obama’s legacy and picking up some political steam along the way.  She is definitely the odd-on favorite and with the backing of her husband and former President Bill Clinton, all signs lead to Democratic nomination.

It appears that Clinton as the nominee in the blue corner is almost guaranteed.  Of course you will probably hear whispers of Joe and Beau Biden chasing nomination, thus challenging the Clinton clan.  Vice President Biden might be at a slight disadvantage for the probability of his candidacy being labeled as a continuation of the Obama administration.

Many pundits think that Biden would be disenfranchised with the younger voters because of his age.  So wait, he must be 173?  Oh, he is only 70, well close enough.  I suppose the Democratic Party wouldn’t want Joe Biden sitting in the Oval Office mashing the screen of his iPhone, confused to why there are no buttons, whilst shouting for the Vice President to help him figure out how to Tweet from his Facebook.

Joe’s son, Beau Biden, might also be looking to run for nomination.  Beau is a young up and comer currently serving as the Delaware Attorney General.  He has shined in the past with speeches at the past two Democratic National Conventions but lacks adequate experience and leadership.  So it is a probable no for both Joe and Beau.

With the Democratic Party nomination shaping up neatly, how is the GOP doing in the search for the chosen one?

The list of potential candidates is longer than the Governments’ data request list and the recent media coverage of viable nominees is reminiscent of a bookies at a horse track.

There are many names being tossed around but few of them stand out slightly.  Non more so than one particular political heavyweight. It’s not Chris Christie – no pun intended – but someone else who carries something else quite large, his name, and that name is Bush.

Former Governor, Jeb Bush is a favorable figure within the GOP and with his leading of a swing-state like Florida, he has demonstrated he has what is takes to work with both sides of the bipartisan sphere.  Both Jebs’ Father, George H.W. Bush, and Brother, George W. Bush have served as the President of the United States.  This would definitely give Jeb Bush a powerful backing for President making him a very attractive nominee.

The Bush name does come with the likelihood of being linked with the Bush presidencies before him, which could work for or against Jeb.  Also, it seems that the former Governor has flipped flopped a few times with his stance on immigration which will surely be a pivotal issue in the looming election.

Another obstacle that J. Bush will be forced to overcome is the growing Tea Party Movement, the question will indefinitely arrive of whether or not he is too much of a moderate to win nomination.

Though Jeb has not officially claimed he is going to run for President, he has refuted Barbara Bushes claims that there have been enough Bushes in the White House, so he is not closing any doors.  There is a split in the Bush home because Junior and Senior have since rallied behind J. Bush in a possible candidacy.

If Jeb does run that means that a Bush triumvirate could come to fruition.

The Presidential race might shape up like a game of thrones with the Clinton Clan, Biden Boys, and Bush family all potentially facing off at one stage or another for a chance to create a dynasty in the White House.