“Would You Vote For Mitt Romney Over Donald Trump?” – Florida Live 1/2/19

On the first edition of 2019, Florida Live host Dan Maduri tackles new years resolutions, optimism, pessimism and how you feel heading into yet another year on Earth.  But, don’t worry, he gets into the latest from the President and more on the border wall.

What is the Democratic Presidential candidacy looking like?  Is it finally taking shape?  Or is it a bunch of under achievers?  Who do you think has the best chance at challenging President Trump in 2020?

A two year old fell into a rhino exhibit at the Brevard Zoo.  Why do these things continually happen with parents not being careful or cognoscente of there surroundings?  How does this parent and the parent of the kid who fell into Harambe’s enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo compare to parents who leave their kids in hot cars?

Dan discusses the Bucs firing of Head Coach Dirk Koetter.  What is the next step for this franchise and more.  Is the NFL racist for firing black coaches?  Dan breaks down “Rooney’s Rule”.

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