“What do you think of the President’s comments on Former Admiral McRaven?” – Florida Live 11/19/18

On today’s edition of Florida Live, host Dan Maduri discusses the comments from President Trump’s interview with Chris Wallace.  He breaks down what the President had to say on Former Admiral Bill McRaven and the capturing and killing of Osama Bin Laden.  We hear from listeners and discuss both sides of this issue to length.

Dan discusses Bill Nelson’s time as a politician and public servant of Florida.  Nelson lost to now Senator-Elect Rick Scott by around 10,000 votes after the hand recount.

Brenda Snipes speaks after finishing the hand recount in Broward County.  She has since stepped down.

Breaking news during the program:  Shooting reported near the area of Mercy Hospital on the South Side of Chicago.  Dan breaks down the facts as they come in.

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