Washington Needs General Petraeus to Defeat ISIS

NEW YORK CITY – General David Petraeus weighs in on the destabilization of the Middle East as ISIS is rapidly expanding and taking the fight the west.

General Petraeus is a highly educated military asset that made a human mistake. We need the best and brightest to be leading the charge. It is shameful that he is being sidelined.

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The mistake the General made is between him and his wife. Allow them to decide the outcome of their marriage but don’t rob the American people of the expertise of a man that could save American lives.

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The foremost expert in modern warfare sidelined and by sidelining him they are going to lose American soldiers lives. Petraeus would have had a strategy in place and would have eliminated ISIS while they were still a “JV squad.” Could have saved President Obama some embarrassment.

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Committing adultery is between him, his wife and God. Has nothing to do with his ability to lead warriors and prevail.

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