The Panama Papers and Why We Aren’t Surprised

PANAMA – There has been a massive leak of documents called the Panama Papers. Allegedly, Vladimir Putin, the father of British Prime Minister David Cameron, the Primer minister of Iceland, and many more have hidden vast amounts of money in offshore tax havens.  It turns out that the world’s political leaders are screwing us even more than we thought they were…

There are a huge amount of documents in this release, so we don’t yet know the full extent of the corruption here. But even though the specific revelations here are new, we have seen this sort of thing before. We know that Apple has $140 Billion overseas that it refuses to bring home to the United States so that it won’t be taxed. And they’re far from alone as a corporation. We’ve just found out that heads of state do the same thing.
Nations help raise great companies and leaders to global prominence. Their educational systems, their roads, and their infrastructures all contribute to their success. For those companies and leaders to then turn around and refuse to give back to the nations that made them what they are is ungrateful, unethical, and unpatriotic. The message to them should be: bring your money home or we will cut you down to size.


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