St Pete Council Member Wants State Lawmakers to Reveal SAT/ACT Scores

FLORIDA – The councilmember in St. Petersburg has a unique idea. He wants to Force law makers to reveal the SAT scores they got in high school. He’s tired of Tallahassee putting so much pressure on Florida’s teachers and wants them to get a taste of their own medicine.

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This isn’t a bad idea. We spend so much time in high school’s today teaching to the test, incessantly training students to do well on multiple-choice questions that there is barely time to actually learn their regular subjects. Politicians are anxious to look tough, so it is easy for them to say the problem with education can be solved merely by boosting the numbers.

But rather than making law makers reveal their high school test scores, why not institute a testing regime specifically for politicians. If you’re going to run for public office in the state of Florida, have a test which measures your knowledge of government, the law, American history, etc. it would be non-binding, of course. You could still run a for and a win office even if you did poorly on the test. But it would be another measure by which the voters of our state could judge whether people are actually suited to hold elected office. And it might weed out some of the F students in the process…

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