Rick Scott Wants Military Control to Combat Syrian Refugees

FLORIDA – Rick Scott, the governor of Florida, is now saying that he will use military force against Syrian refugees see if they come to his state and cause problems. That’s fantastic! This is a solution without a problem.

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There has been 100 Syrian refugees relocated to Florida. The issue is this: Governor’s like Rick Scott like to stir up the populace with false fears. There is no Syrian refugee crisis in the state of Florida, but he knows that people are afraid of the threat of terrorism that could exist if individuals associated with Isis and other groups were to sneak in with those refugees. So he Stokes those fears.

But what real military power does a governor even have? Is he going to send the National Guard after them? Is he going to nuke them? What? This is an actor political manipulation for which there is no point except to strengthen his political base, which consists of fearful nut jobs.

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