Rick Scott Tempts California Businesses by Promising They Can Exploit Floridian Workers

CALIFORNIA – The lizard king Governor is at it again. Rick Scott has concocted an advertisement in an attempt to Luer Californians and their businesses to Florida. His argument? California has enacted a high minimum wage, and so California businesses should pack up and leave for the sunshine State, where they can exploit their workers to their hearts content…

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There’s a fundamental concept of loyalty with Governor Rick Scott fails to understand. He demonstrated it earlier this month when he said that Yale university should move to Florida in order to escape taxes. Yale university isn’t Yale and less it’s in Connecticut. But Rick Scott doesn’t care. All he cares about is how much is rich crony friends can screw out of the workers.

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He doesn’t understand that people like living in California because it’s a beautiful place and people are willing to pay more to live there and to do business there. Things cost more there – especially rent – and so as a consequence it makes sense that they would have a higher minimum-wage. Be on the lookout next for Rick Scott to try and recruit Mount Rushmore to move to Miami to avoid tourism regulation. Or maybe he’ll try and get the Statue of Liberty to head to Tampa so that they can avoid paying the unions/teamsters to maintain the famed statue. Instead, come to the Sunshine State where he promises all they have to pay is $8 an hour.

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