Princeton Stands Ground, Woodrow Wilson Name Stays

PRINCETON – It looks like Woodrow Wilson’s name will stay on Princeton’s public policy school, in spite of demands that it be removed. Why did they want Woodrow Wilson’s name gone? Because the former U.S. president was a segregationist.

That’s right. The Black Justice League – presumably a political organization and not this summer’s all-black summer blockbuster superhero movie – held a 32-hour sit-in inside the Princeton president’s office, insisting Wilson’s name be removed from programs and buildings, including the Woodrow Wilson School of Public Policy and International Affairs. Let’s think for a minute about what applying this approach consistently would entail.

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If all racist presidents were expunged from public display, we’d have to tear down the Lincoln Memorial. We’d have to rename the Washington Monument. We’d have to change the pictures on the 20, the 5, the 2, and the 1 dollar bill. We’d have to rename the Monroe Doctrine, and kick Washington State out of the Union. Why don’t we just keep calm, take history as it is, acknowledge the good as well as the bad in our past, and stop trying to be such politically correct morons?


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