President Looks to Close GITMO

WASHINGTON – President Obama has finally decided he’s going to try and keep his promise to close the terrorist prison at Guantanamo Bay. He wants to move the remaining 30 or so prisoners to other prisons within the United States. He’s trying to keep the promise he made to eliminate the nation that we would keep terrorists outside the US so they wouldn’t be subject to US laws and the US judicial system. The problem is, Obama made his promise seven years.

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The world has moved on since the heady days when a newly elected President Obama promised to make a dramatic shift away from the policies of the Bush administration. When it comes down to it, the two are not all that different. We still have troops in Afghanistan. We still have troops in Iraq. And now on top of it all, we’re involved in Syria as well. Pretty war-like for a guy who campaigned against the Iraq War.
Would it be a good idea to close GITMO? Sure. But we have bigger problems now. Syria is falling apart and we’re toe to toe with the Russians in that hell hole. ISIS is a clear and present danger. And we can’t even control our own borders. 2008 is calling, Mr. President. It wants its talking points back.
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