Teacher Calls Cops on Clock-Making Teen

TEXAS – 14 year old whiz kid, Ahmed Mohamed, brought a digital clock to his high school that he made from sratch his English teacher freaked out and called the cops.

Mohamed was than arrested by cops and held for making a hoax bomb. The cops are saying they will not file charges.

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The English teacher should be fired not because they mistook a homemade clock for being a bomb but because they obviously had some pre-conceived thoughts about this boy. Running down there class list and coming across the name Ahmed Mohamed lead to a thought which sparked terror. The English teacher assumed the worst.

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Education can not flourish when teachers are giving into paranoia and headlines. Schools should be welcoming and colorblind not an area of pre-judged ideas towards race, religion or sex.

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Damned if you do, damned if you don’t? It’s not all bad, Mark Zuckerberg has invited the clock maker to Facebook.For more click here.

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