New Giant Alzheimer’s Study Expanding, Looking For Volunteers

A 5-year international study into the genetic roots of Alzheimers, the country’s sixth-leading killer, is expanding. The study by an organization called “Tomorrow,” working with the Michigan Institute for Neurological Disorders, is testing a diabetes drug that it believes may prevent or at lead delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

At 50 locations throughout North America, researchers are looking for healthy, 65-83 year olds, who currently have a clean mental bill of health. By 2050, the current number of persons over 60 is expected to balloon from 60 to over 100 million, and represent 25 percent of the overall population.

The number of seniors with the disease, as well as the costs of treating them, is expected to skyrocket as well. You can go to for further info.

ABC’s Scott Goldberg joined us to discuss.