Moron: Selfie with a Suicide Bomber

EGYPT – We’ve all heard about the Egyptian plane that was hijacked this week. Thankfully, the situation was resolved and the hijacker, who was wearing a suicide vest, was taken captive and all the passengers were safe. But there is animating photograph that came out of this incident which touches not on the thread from terrorism but on the threat from our own egos.

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One British passenger of the hijacked airplane took a selfie with the suicide bomber. In the picture, you can see him standing there with the most puerile grin on his face. He’s standing next to the hijacker, who is wearing an explosive vest. What worse example there is of dangerous idiocy, I can’t imagine.

Smart phones, as well as the incessant and ubiquitous ability to take selfie’s, are an amplifier of the core of narcissism that lives within each of our souls. When that core is boosted, as this technology has done, the entire world or at least our sense of it is distorted. Placing ourselves at the center of the universe allows us to place ourselves in the most dangerous of situations and think that we are invincible merely because we are able to instantaneously project our images anywhere in the world. If we don’t wake up soon and see the world for what it really is, we will be smiling all the way to our own destruction.

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