“Live From The Synapse Summit” – Florida Live 1/23/19

Today’s edition of Florida Live is Live from Fergs in downtown Tampa for the second annual Synapse Summit.  Today is highlighted by guests of many dynamic companies in the Tampa area for the conference.  Below is a list of guests Dan speaks with today.

Scott Price the CEO of A-LIGN joins Dan Maduri on Florida Live at the Synapse Summit to discuss his company, what they do in cyber security, how they are growing in the Tampa area.

Aakash Patel, President of Elevate Inc. and The Centre Club.  The two discuss the future of Tampa, Elevate Inc., and how he helps connect and grow businesses in the community.

Tammy Charles, CEO and Chief Strategist of TMC Strategies joins the program to discuss her main focus on fundraising, strategies and her thoughts from the second annual Synapse Summit.

Karla Mastracchio joins the show to discuss the city of Tampa, cyber security and business community.

Dan takes time out of the Synapse Summit discussion to cover some breaking news out of Sebring, Florida.  A 21-year-old man by the name of Zephen Xaver went to a SunTrust bank, killing five people at this time.  Details are still being released.

Marcus Howard, co-founder of ProjectMQ and volunteer to build things for Synapse Summit.  He discusses building virtual reality, games, and more in the technology arena.  He talks about how video games are the future, whether it’s with the military or a kid growing up developing ideas based off games they played in their childhood.

Brittany Ward, CEO and Founder of Marketing Whisperer discusses why she is at Synapse Summit.  She talks about the transition from coming to the inaugural summit last year looking for ideas for her company and now being a speaker at the second annual Synapse Summit.

Terri Willingham, Executive Director of Foundation for Community Driven Innovation (FCDI) to discuss robotics, AMROC, the innovation involving it and working with kids through their programs to develop new innovation.  Plus, she highlights some local schools that have robotic programs.

Dan is joined by the President of Synapse Summit, Brian Kornfeld.

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