Is Carter Hypocrite for Fighting Cancer?

GEORGIA – The 39th President of the United States Jimmy Carter has announced that he will fight the cancer that has spread to his brain.

President Carter’s announcement has been met by people who wish harm to him. Wanting him to perish in the worst ways.

Are people able to separate the man from the politician?

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Carter has worn his religion on his sleeve while in public. Frequently discussing his love for Christ and his belief in heaven. Is it hypocritical for Carter to fight to stay alive when he believes that he will be going to a better place?

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Carter may have been one of the worst POTUS in American history but he is still a human being and deserves respect for the fight he is willing to go through. Would it be selfish for Jimmy Carter to tap out? Leaving his kids, grandkids and great grandkids because he did want to fight through it.

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Conservatives hate him for his economic policies that hurt the country financially. Democrats hate him because of his strong belief in God. For more click here.

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