Humans Should Be Able to Marry Robots

AMERICA – The Supreme Court ruling to make same-sex marriage the law of the land may have unintended consequences.

There are now calls for humans to be able to wed their robots. As robotics rapidly become more lifelike the same argument now applies to the idea of same-sex marriage.

Gary Marchant , Lincoln professor of emerging technologies, law, and ethics and faculty director of the Center for Law, Science, and Innovation at ASU discusses:

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There is someone for everyone. That statement may soon come to an end and social acceptance towards being intimate with sex tech rises. It will completely redefined ‘modern family’ and those that throw it in your face that they are hip and cool will be yesterday’s news.

And if robots do lead to a James Cameron Terminator world would you really want to survive it?

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Something you just can’t do without. Life is hard enough without not having the little gifts and breaks from it.


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