How Does The Minimum Wage Boost Affect The Average Floridian?

On today’s edition of Florida Live, Dan discusses an array of topics that resonate with Floridians.  Then he delves into some national and international stories such as Speaker Paul Ryan’s farewell address and the latest on withdrawing our troops from Syria.

Florida minimum wage increase will take effect January 1, 2019.  How does this impact the economy and you as a Floridian?

A Florida teacher is accused of making a false police report all because he was running late.

Fish Hawk mothers are raising funds to help secure and make Hillsborough County schools safer in an effort to get out ahead of a possible school shooting or tragedy in their area.

Facebook allowed technology companies like Microsoft and Netflix to gain access to user data, including contact information and private messages.  California has backed off of their effort to tax text messages.

The Obama era school lunch requirements have been rolled back by the Trump administration.

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