“Hate crimes explode across the country” – Florida Live 11/14/18

On today’s middle of the week edition of Florida Live, host Dan Maduri gets to an array of topics.  He discusses Governor Scott’s latest lawsuit filed against Hillsborough County, a Disney visitor is banned from the parks for having “Trump 2020” sign displayed as his photo was taken on the Splash Mountain ride.

Are Juul’s and vapes the new cigarette disguised?  Dan discusses the target consumer in minors and much more on the topic.  This leads us into the legalization of marijuana argument as listeners call in to voice their opinions on it.

Hate crimes have exploded across the United States according to a database.  Dan delves into reasons why.  George Zimmerman and Nicholas Cruz had their own run-ins with the law yet again, hear what they did from Dan.

Singer Celine Dion releases a new children’s gender neutral clothing line.  The products are targeted toward 0-14-year-olds.  Hear what Dan has to say about this.

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