“Has Mueller Had Enough Time On The Russia Investigation?” – Florida Live 12/10/18

On today’s edition of Florida Live, host Dan Maduri discusses Marco Rubio’s comments on the Robert Mueller Russia Investigation.  Dan puts the question forth “Has Mueller had enough time on the Russia Investigation?”

Axios Political reporter Shannon Vavra joins Dan Maduri on Florida Live to discuss the resignation of Chief of Staff, John Kelly. The two discuss who will take his place and more.

University of Oklahoma’s QB Kyler Murray won the Heisman trophy Saturday night over the likes of Alabama’s Tua Tagovailoa and Dwayne Haskins of Ohio State.  It seems that when someone does something successful in the limelight, old tweets start to resurface.  This time it was Heisman trophy winner and Oakland A’s top draft pick Kyler Murray’s turn to be thrown under the bus.  As a parent do you sit your kids down and discuss the ramfications of posts they make on social media?

Space.com’s Science journalist Meghan Bartels joins Dan Maduri on Florida Live to discuss NASA’s famed Voyager 2 reaches Interstellar Space.

All this and more on today’s edition of Florida Live.

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