Gun Found on Florida Elementary Campus, Discharged by Janitor

HOMOSASSA – There’s a story out of Citrus County that a gun was found and accidentally discharged on the campus of Rock Crusher Elementary School in Homosassa. Before we go any further, let just start with the name of the school. Rock Crusher Elementary. There’s probably a very good reason why it has that name. But it sounds as if it was either sponsored by a local construction company or named by a six year old boy…

So this gun discharged when a member of the school staff picked it up and fired it into the ground thinking it was a pellet gun. It’s not clear how it got there, but the owner of the gun is being investigated. As well he should.

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The gun control that gun owners should worry about is not Obama coming to grab their guns in the middle of the night. The gun control they should worry about is knowing where their firearms even are. And making sure they don’t get anywhere near kids. THAT’S the kind of gun control they should be focused on.
Which John was this janitor? John McClane? John Rambo or John Wick
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