Florida Lawmakers Trying to Destroy the Tourism Industry

FLORIDA – They are trying to bring fracking to Florida. We know that the process of hydraulic fracturing has had serious problems. It’s a process that uses toxic chemicals to extract natural gas from the ground. And while natural gas is certainly cleaner burning then oil and coal in terms of its impact on the environment, it also has this nasty little Side effect of causing earthquakes.

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We need to preserve the environment. It is essential that we take care of our planet for future generations. And natural gas is one way of doing that. But let North Dakota and South Dakota suffer the consequences of the extraction process.

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It seems to me that Governor Rick Scott is trying to destroy the tourist industry. He promised to put a tie on Florida and make Florida a major business state but tourism continues to beat out the business sector and that dismays the Governor. So, he has to break down the tourism industry in order to surpass.

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