FBI Director James Comey Tapes Over His Laptop Camera

OHIO – FBI director James Comey is a good man. He has served the FBI with distinction under both both Democratic and Republican administrations. He also knows how to protect himself from hacking either from inside the government or without: he covers his laptop camera with tape. He confessed to doing it at a Kenyon College, Ohio speech on encryption and privacy this week.

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It’s a stunning admission if you think about it. Even the head of the FBI doesn’t feel safe from intrusion by the NSA or other hackers. It makes you think about what J.Edgar Hoover’s webcam would have shown…

We’re all at a point where we need to take extra precautions if we’re to maintain our privacy. Tape on you laptop camera or your phone camera is a pretty good idea. An extreme one maybe, but one we need in an age of extreme intrusiveness.
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